About Gravity in Motion

Functional means “useful but not decorative” – PURPOSEFUL.

Any clown can get a room full of people hyperventilating, sweating and on the verge of nausea with a series of illogical, exhaustive, rapidly repetitive movements performed poorly in a circus-like atmosphere.  The best programs, trainers and coaches start with why is a specific training or movement taking place?  Their programming is based on the participants’ desired goals, fitness levels and specific needs.  There is a PURPOSE to their planning and programming.  Hence PURPOSEFUL or FUNCTIONAL Training

We are all athletes – not clowns.  PURPOSE – NOT CIRCUS

At Gravity In Motion it is our goal to provide all participants with appropriate, challenging and rewarding programming in the safe pursuit of participants goals.  This will be achieved by choosing exercises that are age and fitness level appropriate, have purpose and allow for progression.  Whether it is Fitness Training or Athletic Performance Conditioning, Gravity instructors will ensure mastery over basic movement skills before progressing to more dynamic or complex movements to avoid a circus.

What is Metabolic Training?

Get the most out of your exercise with heart-rate monitoring.

Owner, Dave Concannon discusses Gravity in Motion’s signature class, Metabolic Training. In this unique and exclusive class, members are equipped with Polar® H7 heart-rate monitors, and can watch their heart-rate activity and vitals (calories burned, % of max heart-rate, and more) on two huge 70″ LED monitors. The Metabolic Training program is one of the most insightful and effective ways to train.

Watch the video to learn more about our signature Metabolic Training program.

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An Interview With Dave Concannon

Dave Appeared on “Live it Up!” with Donna Drake

The precision, expertise and versatility of Gravity In motion’s foremost training staff mirrors the state of the art training facility itself. Gravity is nestled in the beautiful Wheatley Plaza Shopping Center, downstairs from Two Worlds Dance & Fitness. Whatever your age or movement goals are, lose body fat, increase strength, improve athletic performance, improve sport specific performance or simply get fit – Gravity In Motion has the experts and the tools to help you reach your goals. In addition Gravity can serve as a fun-filled activity zone for Youth Birthday Parties and entertainment with such activities as climbing wall, zip line, monkey bars, obstacle courses and much more in their padded turf facility!