Master Instructors – Javier Santin and Steve Osani. Featured in our Adult schedule is the Metabolic Training Series. As our signature Adult classes, the Metabolic Training Series consists of 5 classes of gradually elevated intensity levels.  Whether you exercise to burn fat and calories, feel energized or strengthen muscles, your body needs to work at the appropriate intensity. Using a heart rate monitor is the most effective way to ensure that your training delivers the results you want, while avoiding weight loss plateaus, fatigue and injury, as well as providing you a unique tool to periodize your training throughout the year.  The Metabolic Training Series utilizes Polar Flow heart rate technology to display instant visual feedback of a participants heart rate, % of maximum heart rate and calories burned on two 70 inch TV screens while the participant performs dynamic functional exercises in a group setting. Classes are designed for maximal metabolic disturbance using metabolically demanding, non-traditional strength-based moves.  This metabolic disturbance is the elevation of resting metabolism (increased caloric expenditure) for several hours after exercise is completed before it goes back to normal which is critical for fat loss. Work to rest periods are carefully implemented into the workout to allow for heart and lungs to never truly get a chance to rest while local musculature does get a chance to rest which affords this maximum metabolic disturbance.  This also allows the participant to maintain precise, powerful, maximal movements throughout the class.


Instructor Melissa Dostis. Combines the main principles of Pilates with cardiovascular benefits.  Its a combination of cardio  bursts followed by a series of Pilates exercises. Other benefits include increased agility, coordination, balance and flexibility.


Instructor Rich Krol. This class is designed to develop proper movement patterns for the Primal movements. (Squat, lunge pull, push, twist , bend, and gait) Effectively coached and executed, this class will make the participants more aware of their bodies place in space while increasing strength, flexibility and balance.  Suspension and RIP Trainers, Battle Ropes, Med balls, Resistance bands and more are incorporated to safely and appropriately overload the body in order to achieve “real strength”, shed bodyfat and increase cardiovascular endurance – with precise form.


Master Instructor: Javier Santin. Functional Athletic Strength Training- training in such a manner that improvement in strength directly enhances the performance of movements so that an individual’s daily activities are easier to perform.  F.A.S.T. is based on 3 main pillars: Body Weight Training – the practitioner’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement, Elastic Resistance – to create functional movement patterns that mimic both everyday activities and sport-specific activities with minimal joint stress and Free Weights- affected by both our gravity and inertia, two physical phenomena that challenge our bodies every day. F.A.S.T. is not only a great way to burn calories, it is a method to train our muscles and brain in a real environment to get REAL results, achieving a stronger, leaner and more functional self.