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Everyone is an athlete. Some of us are competing athletes and some not but everyone can move athletically. Athleticism is trainable in everyone. The term trainable means it can be taught. As infants we teach ourselves to roll over, crawl, balance and stand and eventually walk and run. When we develop these movement patterns and neuromuscular pathways through repetitive movement it is called motor learning. Unfortunately as we mature, some develop poor movement patterns in their daily battle with gravity. These are individuals young and old who walk with rounded or slouched shoulders, shuffle their feet or simply trudge along seemingly oblivious to moving their limbs in any kind of an efficient rhythmic fashion. If this individual is asked to move athletically they move awkwardly or nearly fall down which results in embarrassment, stress, and a negative attitude towards exercise and athletics. The solution to this disengagement from athletic movement and exercise is always the same, teach the individual to move efficiently.

When we perceive someone as athletic we view them as moving precisely, purposefully and with perfect posture. These are what we refer to at Gravity as the 4 P’s. People who move athletically are simply moving efficiently. They are consistently maintaining stability and balance throughout all movement patterns whether they are linear, multi-directional, rotational or compound -this individual harnesses and uses the locomotive forces of their muscles efficiently -they do not leak energy or waste it with inefficient movement patterns. Subsequently, the precise, balanced efficient movement, results in a large amount of positive force production.

Fortunately, for all of us, efficient movement patterns can be taught. Although we all come in different shapes and sizes, everyone can become a more efficient mover. This knowledge is the engine behind the paradigm shift in the fitness industry towards “functional training”. The entire fitness industry had been primarily exercising muscle groups while sitting down for 35 years and word is now getting out to the masses that we need to not only exercise muscle groups but healthy movement patterns as well. At Gravity In Motion, one of our main focuses is on teaching and developing the 7 primal movement patterns properly in addition to strengthening the individual and making them more aware of their body’s position in space. These 7 movements are squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend and gait. They are the foundation of all athletic movement. Ultimately, after repeatedly performing these movements properly, a mind-muscle-movement link is formed. Once these 7 basic patterns are developed properly through repetition, the individual puts themselves in a position to safely and efficiently perform more complex dynamic movements successfully.

Individuals gravitate toward what they are successful at. If you give your child the tools to move efficiently and athletically their chances of success or positive production during athletics will certainly increase. Whether these properly learned movement patterns will result in your child being a star competitive athlete is an unknown. What is known is they will move more efficiently and comfortably each day in the field of life and, if they desire, on the field of sport.


Athletic Conditioning

Ages 13 – 17

Coach: Mike Majikas

This class will expand upon the movement mechanics learned in Speed & Agility by teaching the athlete to move more dynamically explosively. Resistance training is introduced to develop a more powerful athlete and reduce the chance for injury.

Elite Conditioning

Open level Conditioning.

Ages 14 – 17

Coach: Mike Majikas

The next level up from “Athletic Conditioning” This is a class designed for the in-shape and injury-free individual. It includes advanced techniques to improve athletic ability and performance such as increased speed, agility, strength and stamina.


Ages 6-9

Coach: Melissa Dostis

An introductory level fitness class which will develop efficient athletic movement patterns in addition to primary components of fitness; strength, cardio vascular conditioning, and balance.  Classes will focus on overall body awareness while having fun.  


Ages 10–13, 14–17

Coach: Mike Majikas

Includes warm up and preparatory exercises, athletic development skills and general conditioning.  Class will focus on learning proper mechanics for multidirectional movements used in sports as well as basic bodyweight exercises to increase strength and decrease the potential for injury.


Ages 9–12, 13–18

Coach: Amanda Ferranti

Many athletes are unaware of their focus during training or performance, which could be the key to skill development.  A unigue combination of mental and physical skills training is designed to create challenging soccer drills to provoke mental hurdles.  Then, through instruction, the participant(s) will be taught how to bring focus to awareness and exert more control over performance outcomes.  The overall aim of this training is to enhance performance consistency and sport enjoyment.  This class is for competing athletes. 


Ages 9–12, 13–18

Coach: Amanda Ferranti

This is a 6 week course designed to teach the fundamental mental skills of competition and performance including skills such as goal setting, positive self-talk, visualization, etc.  each week the participants will be exposed to a fun, educational, and interactive learning environment where they are challenged to reflect on important performance cues.  Additionally, participants will leave this class with a tangible plan on how to implement mental skills training into their sport experience.


Ages 8–11, 12–17

Coach: Rich Krol

This class develops movement mechanics as well as general athletic conditioning which is the platform for a more powerful, dynamic, explosive athlete .


Toddler’s can play soccer too!  This class is an age-appropriate soccer program that targets the social, emotional, and physical development of toddlers.  Each activity will aim to build gross motor skills while also teaching the fundamental skills of soccer.  This class also provides a great opportunity for the children to learn how to follow instruction and play along with peers. 

Gravity Kids
1st Grade 6-7
2nd Grade 7-8
3rd and 4th Grades 8-10 
5th and 6th Grades 10-12

Coach: Rich Krol

The youth classes serve as an introduction to sports performance and conditioning. We will be covering basic skills and drills to help them become better athletes.  In addition to basic exercises, which strengthen the body, this class will also help enhance coordination, and flexibility. Agility and speed drills will help any child with their performance out on the field. We will end each class with a few minutes of sports on the turf, to put these skills to the test.

Sport Core Conditioning

Ages 7–11

Coach: Melissa Dostis

This intermediate level class is designed to enhance the more complex secondary components of fitness ( Speed, agility, quickness, coordination, balance and power) which are transferrable to the field of competition.  Programming will target hip complex, thighs and abdominal strengthening with a focus on spine and lower body flexibility.  Co-ed and    All-Girl classes available.

Weight Training For Young Athletes

Ages 12–17

A strong athlete is a better, safer athlete. In this small group training, students will learn the fundamentals of strength training, with primary focus on the lower body and core, that will help improve their overall athletic performance and lower their risk of injury.

Skills and Drills

Ages 8–11, 12–17

By learning proper mechanics, athletes will sharpen their skills in acceleration, maintaining top speed and change of direction. A must for any athlete looking to improve their performance on the field or court.

Kord's Kidz

Ages 3-8 years

Monday 6-7pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Saturday 11:45 (based on availability)

Coach: Kord Angelucci

Kord’s Kidz will provide all sports classes based on building proper form and building confidence. Class sizes will be small so each child gets more valued instruction. Sports implemented weekly will be focused on the current sports being played during the season.